Prime Minister participates in civil service ministry’s ceremony on anniversary of Prophet’s birthday


Prime minister Abdulaziz bin Habtoor on Tuesday confirmed that the Yemeni people’s celebration of the Prophet’s birthday is a celebration of the system of values, morals, and high teachings of the Noble Messenger, which the entire nation needs to adopt and work upon to confront the fierce and systematic attack of the West against Islam and Muslims.

This came during his participation in the celebration held by the Ministry of Civil Service and Insurance and its affiliated units on the occasion of the anniversary of the honorable birthday of the Prophet, May the best prayers and the most sincere greetings be offered to him, his family and companions for the year 1445 AH.

The Prime Minister hailed the Ministry of Civil Service and Insurance for holding the celebration of the occasion at the orphan school, pointing out that celebrating the anniversary with orphans carries two moral and humanitarian dimensions and an important national one.

Bin Habtoor stressed the importance of concerted various official and societal efforts to care for this class, noting that celebrating the Prophet’s birthday is one of the favorite occasions in the hearts of all Yemenis who have always been the first to support the Messenger and the religion over the past centuries until today.

He mentioned the great effort made by the Messenger and the great hardship he faced to spread the true religion in the Arabian Peninsula, and how he was able, with his divine approach and high morals, to advance the nation and move it from the stage of fighting and rivalry to unity and strength within the framework of a state that brought together all.

The Prime Minister touched on the preparations of the Yemeni people to celebrate the days of the revolutions of September 21 and 26 in conjunction with the ongoing celebrations of the anniversary of the Prophet’s birthday, explaining that the two revolutions came to mobilize the energies of the Yemeni people and to triumph over the will to change for the better.

Between the great victory achieved by the Yemeni people today, thanks to Allah first, and then by rallying around the leader of the revolution, Sayyed Abdulmalik Badr al-Din al-Houthi, the country will inevitably reap its fruits in security, stability, sovereignty, construction, and reconstruction.

For his part, the Mufti of Yemen, Shams al-Din Sharaf al-Din, praised the efforts of the Ministry of Civil Service and its units in organizing this celebration, which is held in a holy place, the orphanage, a class that has great importance in society, and has a special place in the Book of Allah Almighty and the guidance of His Noble Messenger Muhammad.

He said “The Messenger of Allah was an orphan, and it is Allah’s wisdom that he should be a role model for these weak orphans and society must bear responsibility towards this segment by advising them, having mercy on them, being kind to them, and providing the necessary support to them, following the example of the Messenger of Allah.”

Sharaf al-Din stressed that the interaction of the Yemenis and their keenness to commemorate this occasion is evidence of wisdom and faith, as it is a gathering occasion for Muslims and calls for the cohesion and unity of the nation and the unification of its word and description to confront the dangers besetting it.

He stressed the need for these celebrations of the anniversary of the Prophet’s birthday to be sincere for the sake of Allah and from the standpoint of servitude to Him, and not to be mere slogans devoid of meaning, values and principles brought by the Great Messenger, calling on state cadres to follow the path of the Prophet with regard to mercy, benevolence, responsibility and honesty.

Sharaf al-Din said to the advocates of innovation “The Prophet is the one most worthy of being celebrated, venerated, remembered, and praised, and he is the one who should be emulated, along with his approach and his great biography.”

Deputy Minister of Civil Service Abdullah al-Muayyad pointed out that commemorating the Prophet’s birthday comes as an expression of love and loyalty to Allah’s most honorable creation, sent as a mercy to the worlds and bringing people out of darkness into light.

He said “It is a great honor for the Yemeni people to race to celebrate the anniversary of the birth of guidance at a time when the puppet regimes are rushing towards normalization and rushing to throw themselves into the arms of the Jews and Christians.”

Al-Muayyad added “The Yemeni people are always the first to achieve every virtue. Through them, Islam began and was victorious. So blessed are the people of Yemen whom Allah has honored with dignity and virtues that no other people or nation has ever had.”

He considered that the Yemeni people’s confrontation of the aggression, their steadfastness in the face of the siege, their adherence to the Book of Allah and the approach of His Messenger and the imams from the family of the Prophet, and their confrontation and victory over all forms of intellectual, cultural and military invasion brings credibility to what the Greatest Messenger said about them.

Al-Muayyad called for taking care of the orphans, being kind to them, and exerting all aspects of care for them in compliance with the command of Allah Almighty and the commandment of the Messenger of Allah, who was born an orphan and lived and died great.