Second Digital Transformation Conference Continues in Sana’


The first session, chaired by the Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors of Yemen Mobile Company, Eng. Amin Al-Harthy, reviewed a set of working papers, within the third axis: infrastructure related to digital transformation , financial services, which dealt in its entirety with the digital infrastructure of a number of ministries and government sectors.

Where Dr. Wahid Yassin presented the first paper entitled: “A Study on Digital Transformation in the Telecommunications Sector,” and Engineer Mohamed Hamdi from Tunisia presented via video technology the second paper on “The Strategic Dimension of Cybersecurity and Certification within Digital Transformation Initiatives,” and Dr. Abdul Salam Al-Bukhaiti addressed the third paper. “The impact of digital transformation on improving the performance of the Ministry of Civil Service and Insurance.”

While Engineer Hashem Nidal presented the fourth paper entitled: “The Role of Technical Education in Achieving Digital Transformation and Promoting Financial Inclusion… Opportunities and Challenges,” Engineer Nasr Zawya addressed in the fifth paper “Cybersecurity Requirements for a Secure Digital Infrastructure,” and the last paper by Engineer Sana’a Al-Qubati reviewed “Challenges” Cybersecurity in light of digital transformation and how to reduce it.

The second session within the fourth axis of investment in the field of digital transformation and financial inclusion, chaired by Engineer Tawfiq Hanish, discussed three working papers, the first entitled: “Key indicators for measuring the digital transformation process in institutions” by Engineer Muhammad Al-Kahlani, and the second entitled “From Vision to Impact – The Role of Investors.” Presented by Engineer Qusay Al Mahtouri, and the third, “The Digital Transformation Journey , its Relationship to Entrepreneurship and Project Development,” by Dr. Ahmed Bashir.

On its second day, the conference witnessed the presentation of experiences of a number of Arab projects and comments on the working papers presented, and its work will continue tomorrow to complete the topics and working papers.