New protests by Mothers of kidnapped people in Aden


Mothers of Abductees Association continues its protests against the pro-UAE factions in the city of Aden, southern Yemen.

The association organized a protest in front of Ma’ashiq Palace, to demand the release of those who were disappeared and forcibly detained in the prisons of the Transitional Council.

A statement issued by the association called on the authorities loyal to the coalition in Aden to quickly release the disappeared people who are subjected to the worst types of torture, stressing that there are 61 disappeared people from Aden, whose fate has not been known for years, and there is no way for any information to check on them and know their conditions.

The protests come in light of human rights accusations against the STC of placing hundreds of people in secret detention centers in Aden, without any charges, most of whom are opponents of the pro-Emirati council.