Amnesty calls on Washington & its allies to stop supplying Israel with weapons


Amnesty International called on Tuesday the United States and countries that supply Zionist entity with weapons that are “likely” to be used to commit violations of international law to stop doing so immediately.

“By doing so, these countries could be held jointly responsible for violations of international humanitarian law,” the organization’s president, Agnes Callamard, said in a statement.

She added: Weapons experts and analysts at Amnesty International examined satellite images, pictures of destroyed buildings, and fragments of munitions recovered from under the rubble.

The photos clearly show that American-made JDAM munitions “were used in at least two attacks on civilians in Gaza,” Callamard said.

The American Wall Street Journal reported, in a report, about the United States supplying the Zionist enemy entity with large bunker-piercing bombs, among tens of thousands of other weapons and artillery shells during the ongoing war on Gaza.