Shura Council endorses naval blockade on Zionist entity


The Yemeni Shura Council has voiced its endorsement of the Yemeni Armed Forces’ decision to block ships from reaching the Zionist entity, regardless of their nationality. This embargo will persist until the Gaza Strip receives vital provisions like food and medicine, and until US-Zionist aggression and massacres against Palestine cease.

In a statement released on Sunday, the Council commended this historic decision, portraying the Yemeni people’s ethical and religious obligation to stand by Palestine.

The Council vehemently denounced the genocidal warfare and ethnic cleansing conducted by the Zionist entity, backed by the US and the West. It critiques the international community’s silence and passivity in the face of the daily brutalities and massacres inflicted upon Palestinians.

The Shura Council reasserted its unwavering support for the just cause of the Palestinian people and applauded all actions taken against the usurping entity until its aggression and unjust siege on Gaza and Palestinian cities were terminated.

Additionally, the statement lauded the resilience and steadfastness exhibited by the Palestinian people and their resistance forces, highlighting the heroic operations and battles undertaken by these fighters. These efforts have resulted in setbacks for the Zionist enemy in terms of equipment and weaponry.

Moreover, the Council strongly condemned the United States’ utilization of its veto power to obstruct the UN Security Council’s resolution aimed at establishing a ceasefire in the Gaza Strip. It perceived this as concrete evidence of America’s alliance with the Zionist entity in its war against Palestine and as a tacit approval for further atrocious acts against Palestinians.

The Shura Council underscored that such actions from the United States are expected, given its consistent backing of the Zionist entity. It cited recent authorizations for supplying the entity with weapons as an instance of America’s involvement in the deaths of innocent children and civilians in Gaza.

In light of these developments, the statement urged Arab and Islamic nations to break their silence and unite with Yemen in taking resolute stances against the Zionist entity and its brutality. It implored these nations to demonstrate solidarity with Palestine and resist the American-Western Zionist dominance in the region and globally.