Yemen’s PM: Naval blockade on Israel stems from genuine will of Yemen in solidarity with Palestine


Yemen’s Prime Minister of the caretaker government, Abdulaziz bin Habtoor, has affirmed that the decision to impose a naval blockade on Israel stems from the genuine will of Yemen and stands as an expression of solidarity with the Palestinian cause, supporting their struggle against occupation.

“The Yemeni navy’s imposition of a blockade on ships heading to Israel marks a significant step in bolstering Palestinian resistance and breaking the siege on Gaza,” he stated.

Bin Habtoor clarified that this naval blockade will persist until Gaza’s siege is lifted and essential supplies like food and medicine reach the Palestinian population.

Highlighting the transformation of Yemen’s political decision, he emphasized that the Yemeni maritime stance has shifted from a perceived weakness to a stronghold supporting Palestine’s fight against occupation.

He stressed Yemen’s unwavering commitment to standing with the Palestinian people in their plight and pledged continuous support through all available means.