Fresh US-British aggression targets Capital, Sana’a and several provinces


The United States and the United Kingdom have launched a string of airstrikes against targets in the Yemeni capital, Sana’a, and several other Yemeni cities in a futile attempt to hinder Yemen’s support for the Palestinian people in Gaza.

According to security sources in Sana’a, the US-British aggression conducted three airstrikes targeting a pesticide factory in the Nahdha area of the Al-Thawra district.

The US-British aggression also targeted the Attan area with six airstrikes and the Nahdeen area with three airstrikes.

Furthermore, the US-British aggression targeted Jabal Aram in Hamdan Beit Anam with two airstrikes and the Sarf area in Bani Hashish with three airstrikes in Sana’a province.

In Hajjah, security sources reported that the US-British aggression targeted the Al-Jar farms with two airstrikes in the Abs district.

Sources in Taiz reported that the US-British aggression aircraft targeted the communication network with two airstrikes in the Qaradhah area of the Hayfan district.

The US-British aggression aircraft also targeted the communication network in the Shumayr area of the Maqbanah district in Taiz.

The United States and Britain have been carrying out such strikes on Yemen since Washington and its allies offered unqualified support to the Tel Aviv regime. They have warned that Yemeni forces will face consequences for attacks against Israeli-owned ships or merchant vessels heading to the occupied territories.