Concern Grows within US Administration as Yemen Continues Attacks: CNN


Senior US officials revealed to CNN the difficulties the United States faces in countering repeated attacks by the Yemeni armed forces. The US officials confirmed that the Yemeni armed forces “continue to surprise us,” and they do not have a good idea of what Yemen still has in terms of military capabilities.

“The Biden administration is struggling to stop the ongoing attacks by “Houthis” against ships in the Red Sea and the group is continuing to fortify its weapons stockpile inside Yemen, US officials told CNN.

Deputy Pentagon Press Secretary Sabrina Singh Acknowledged on Thursday that the US knows that Yemen maintains a large arsenal. “They are very capable, they have sophisticated weapons.”

“They continue to surprise us,” said one senior defense official, referring to the Yemeni Armed Forces. “We just don’t have a good idea of what they still have.”

The CNN also confirmed that the use of force alone is not working. It is also extremely expensive and impractical, some officials note, to keep firing multimillion-dollar missiles at cheap drones and missiles of Yemen’s Armed Forces.

Yemenis have fervently expressed their support for Palestine’s struggle against Israeli occupation, particularly intensified after Israel launched a devastating attack on Gaza on October 7.