Maersk Calls for preparation for the worst scenario in the Red Sea


An international shipping company called Europe and America to be prepared for a worse scenario due to tension in the Red Sea.

Charles van der Steen, head of the North American division at Maersk, one of the largest global shipping companies, in a statement called on customers to have bad expectations regarding specifying longer transit times in their supply chain plans.

For its part, the company said that it had activated the maximum capacity of its fleet to compensate for the delays, expecting the Red Sea crisis to continue until the second half of this year.

The company informed its scientists in Europe and America of its readiness to increase shipping costs as the sailing period lengthens.

The European company’s first warning, and its coincidence with the deployment of a European military mission in the Red Sea, indicates that the company expects a final ban on European navigation and companies in the Red Sea, especially since the statement came with reports of a German battleship clashing with Yemeni forces and targeting a Greek ship for the first time since the European mission was deployed a few days ago.