Sana’a announces the opening of new roads in Taiz


The local authority in Taiz Governorate, affiliated with the Sana’a government, announced on Wednesday the opening of the 50-60 line road leading to the city of Taiz.

The Deputy Chairman of the Military Committee of Sana’a and the Acting Governor of Taiz, Ahmed Al-Masawy, also opened the Haifan Tur Al-Baha asphalt line for the Aden Hajj through local mediations.

Al-Masawy said that local mediation efforts and continuous communications with members of the community led to this breakthrough, and we hope that it will alleviate the suffering of travelers and facilitate passage.

For his part, the Deputy Chairman of the Military Committee confirmed that the roads have become clear and safe through the efforts of the security and military sides to alleviate the suffering of citizens and travelers.