Old Sanaa Directorate witnesses a popular parade for graduates of (Al-Aqsa Flood) military courses


The Old Sanaa Directorate in the capital secretariat organized a popular parade for graduates of the second batch of open military courses (Al-Aqsa Flood) as part of the Battle of the Promised Conquest and Holy Jihad.

The groups of graduates toured a number of streets in the Old Sanaa Directorate, starting from Al-Saila, passing through Al-Zubairi Street, Bab Al-Yemen, and Bab Al-Salam, all the way to the square opposite the historic Ghamdan Palace.

They chanted slogans and slogans in support of Al-Aqsa Al-Sharif and the Palestinian people, who are being subjected to the most horrific massacres and genocidal crimes at the hands of the terrorist Zionist forces, with American and Western support, amid international silence and complicity.

At the event, which was attended by the Director of the Directorate, Mahdi Arhab, and local and executive leaders and social figures, the graduates’ speech delivered by Muhammad Hajar confirmed their willingness and readiness to go into battle against the nation’s enemies after receiving the necessary knowledge, military sciences, and tactics that qualify them for that.

A statement issued by the popular parade affirmed the continuation of the firm and principled position in supporting the Palestinian people in general and Gaza in particular until victory is achieved and the Zionist entity is eliminated, calling on the Arab and Islamic peoples and the free people of the world to assume their responsibilities and have a practical and honorable position.

The statement blessed the ongoing military operations of naval forces, missiles, and drones targeting Israeli, American, and British ships or those heading to the ports of occupied Palestine.

The statement stressed the continuation of the economic boycott of American and Israeli goods and the companies that support them, as the least that can be done to support the Palestinian people.

It pointed out that as long as Palestinian blood is still being shed and the Zionist-American enemy continues its brutal crimes, the Yemeni people’s stance will continue with everything they can to support the oppressed in Palestine.

The event included a poem by the poet Hamza al-Mughrabi, which expressed the Yemeni people and their armed forces’ stance and support for the Palestinian people with all their strength and based on their faith identity.