WHO warns of imminent famine in northern Gaza


The World Food Program has warned of an imminent famine in the northern Gaza Strip, where aid has been cut off from the besieged population for more than a month.

According to the Palestinian Ma’an Agency today, the United Nations program said that it is ready to accelerate the expansion and intensification of the scope of its operations if a ceasefire is reached in Gaza.

A senior United Nations relief official told the UN Security Council yesterday, Tuesday, that at least 576,000 people in the Gaza Strip, representing a quarter of the population, are one step away from famine.

He stressed that widespread famine is “almost inevitable” unless action is taken.

Ramesh Rajasingham, Director of Coordination at the United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs, added: “With the continuing hostilities and the possibility of their spread to densely populated areas in southern Gaza, nothing significant will be achieved.” Therefore, we reiterate our call for a ceasefire.”