Protestors storm New York museum calling for ceasefire in Gaza


Hundreds of pro-Palestine activists on Sunday stormed into the Manhattan-based Museum of Modern Arts (MoMA) in New York calling for stance against genocide and racial separation policy practiced by the Zionist entity against the Palestinian people in Gaza Strip.

MoMA management closed the facility, WAFA news agency said, after protestors staged a sit-in to deplore the Zionist aggression on Gaza and call for sack of some MoMA management members over links to arms-manufactory firms that supply Israel with arms.

Still in New York, hundreds of people rallied outside Brooklyn Museum, calling for support to Palestinian rights, and an end to the Zionist-American aggression.

Separately, more than 100 workers in the museums of Metropolitan, Brooklyn and Studio issued an open letter to protest these institutions’ silence at the Zionist genocide in Gaza.