liberated prisoner Al-Doumari arrives to Sana’a and received by Dhamar Governor


Dhamar Governor , Muhammad Nasser Al-Bukhaiti, received today,Sunday, in Sana’a, the liberated prisoner, Tawfiq Aziz Al-Doumari, who succeeded in escaping from the mercenary detention centers in Marib province after seven years of detention.

During the reception, which took place in the presence of a number of officers at the National Center for Receiving Returnees and a number of social figures, Dhamar Governor explained that the mercenaries’ treatment of the Domari prisoner exceeded all religious , tribal values and morals.

He pointed out that torturing prisoners and preventing communication between them and their families is a method practiced by mercenaries, whether in the West Coast region or Marib province.

Al-Bukhaiti congratulated the success of the prisoner Al-Domari’s escape from the mercenaries’ detention centers, and his safe and peaceful arrival to the capital, Sana’a.

For his part, the liberated prisoner Al-Domari stated that he was subjected to types of brutal torture in mercenary detention centers during seven years, explaining that these inhumane methods and treatment embody the mercenaries’ estrangement from their humanity in their brutal treatment of those who fall into their custody.