Hamas appreciates Yemen’s positions, military operations in support of Palestinian people


Senior member of the Hamas movement, Osama Hamdan, expressed the movement’s appreciation for Yemen’s positions and the operations carried out by the Yemeni armed forces, the Islamic resistance in Lebanon, and the resistance factions in Iraq, targeting the Zionist entity and its interests, in support of the Palestinian people and their resistance.

In a press conference held by Hamas in Beirut on Thursday, Hamdan condemned the ongoing Israeli-American aggression against Yemen, Iraq, and Syria, stressing that targeting the Iranian consulate in Damascus is a flagrant violation of international law and an assault on the sovereignty of states.

Hamdan also praised the global youth movement and called for a Friday of Rage for Palestine and the rally in front of the embassies of the Israeli occupation and the United States in order to put pressure on Israel to stop the aggression against the Palestinian people in the Gaza Strip, calling for effective and massive participation in these events tomorrow, Friday, and in the coming days.

He praised the heroic operations in the West Bank and occupied Quds, pointing out that they confirm the cohesion and unity of the Palestinian people regarding the choice of resistance as a path to liberation and return, calling for their continuation and escalation.

Hamdan stated that there has been no progress in the negotiations so far, despite the flexibility and high positivity shown by the movement, in order to facilitate reaching an agreement.