Mass rallies held across Yemen to mark International Al-Quds Day


Millions of Yemenis staged mass rallies across Yemen on the International Quds Day, marked on the last Friday of the fasting month of Ramadan, to express their solidarity with Palestinians and condemn Israeli atrocities.

The participants raised flags of freedom and the Yemeni and Palestinian flags, as well as banners rejecting and condemning the massacres and genocidal war against the Palestinian people in Gaza.

A statement was issued during the rallies, considering International Al-Quds Day as an important Islamic occasion that reinforces in their souls the importance of being connected to al-Quds, considering it a pivotal day to invigorate the peoples and raise their awareness of their responsibility towards their central cause.

The statement affirmed that the Palestinian cause is the primary and fundamental cause of the nation, and that the battle for the liberation of Al-Quds Al-Sharif and all of Palestine is not just the responsibility of the Palestinian people, but a duty incumbent upon the entire nation.

The statement renewed the commitment of the Yemeni support to the Palestinian people, declaring full readiness to implement the leadership’s directives for any options adopted to confront the enemies of humanity.

The rallies’ statement called on Arab and Islamic rulers and regimes to shoulder their responsibility in the face of American-Zionist barbarism and to rush to the aid of the Palestinian people in Gaza.

It emphasized the importance of continuing activities and popular marches in support of the Palestinian people and their sacred battle against the criminal Zionist entity.

The rallies’ statement stressed the necessity of continuing Yemen’s military operations supporting the Al-Aqsa Storm battle until the Israeli aggression stops and the siege is lifted on the Palestinian people.

The statement called for a boycott of American and Israeli goods and companies supporting them, affirming that the boycott weapon is effective and accessible to all.