Lebanese resistance targets multiple Israeli sites on northern border


The Islamic Resistance in Lebanon, led by Hezbollah, continued on Saturday to launch strikes against  Israeli occupation soldiers and military sites near the Lebanese-Palestinian border, in support of the Palestinian people in the Gaza Strip and their resistance.

In a statement Hezbollah confirmed that its fighters launched an aerial attack with an attack drone on a newly established artillery position in the “Sin’im” area in the occupied Lebanese Shebaa Farms, targeting the positions and locations of enemy officers and soldiers, hitting its targets accurately.

After monitoring and tracking the movements of the “Israeli” enemy forces at the “Rahib” site and upon the movement of a group of their soldiers within the site, the fighters of the Islamic Resistance targeted them with artillery shells,” Hezbollah said in another statement.

They also targeted the Al-Sammaqa site in the occupied Lebanese Kfar Shuba hills with appropriate weapons, hitting it directly.

Moreover, the fighters of the Islamic Resistance targeted the “Zar’it” barracks with artillery shells, hitting it directly.

Additionally, Hezbollah’s fighters targeted a gathering of “Israeli” enemy soldiers in the “Tayhat Triangle” with rocket weapons.