Minister of Transport: Economic escalation by aggression forces aims to deter Yemen from supporting Gaza


The Minister of Transport, Abdulwahab Al-Durra, confirmed that the economic escalation practiced by the US-Saudi aggression coalition is due to Yemen’s honorable stance in supporting the brothers in the Gaza Strip.

Al-Durra pointed out during a meeting with travel agents that this decision “will hit the travel market and companies that have somewhat recovered.”

He pointed out that there are ongoing obstacles to reducing the number of passengers through Sana’a International Airport.

For his part, the Acting Director of Yemeni Airlines, Khalil Jahaf, stated that “the decisions issued by Aden to transfer and withhold sales revenues are a violation of the laws and customs that regulate the work of air transport.”

Jahaf explained that approximately 80 million dollars were disbursed from Yemen Airways balances to cover operational expenses and all employee entitlements, including those in “the occupied territories.”

In turn, the Undersecretary of the General Authority of Civil Aviation and Meteorology, Raed Jabal, explained that the coalition opened new accounts to plunder the assets of the Yemeni Airlines Company.

Jabal warned that the purpose of these measures is to close Sanaa Airport in a roundabout way and also to destroy the air transport market.

“The Americans are taking these measures with the aim of destroying the country’s economy, which is already exhausted and destroyed by its aggression,” he said, demanding the lifting of restrictions on Sanaa Airport and opening the way for travel companies to do their part.