New American-British airstrikes target Hodeidah


The US-UK aggression warplanes carried out on Thursday new attacks on the Hodeidah province in western Yemen.

A security official in the province reported that the warplanes targeted the Al-Salif district with three raids.

These attacks come hours after Washington and London committed new crimes in Yemen, as a result of warplanes targeting Raymah Radio and the government complex in Al-Jabayn district in Raymah province with two raids, leaving five civilians injured, one of them seriously.

On Wednesday, the fighter jets waged three strikes on Hodeida, including a raid on the Al-Jabbana area, west of the city, and two others on Al-Tuhayta district.

Observers believe that these aggressive attacks on Yemen by America and London are a desperate attempt to stop Yemen from continuing its decision to prevent Zionist ships from passing through the Red Sea and Indian Ocean, in support of the Palestinian people in the Gaza Strip, which is subjected to a genocidal war by Nazi-Zionist entity.