Three successful Yemeni operations target shipping in Red Sea and Arabian Sea


The Yemeni Armed Forces announced on Thursday the execution of 3 successful military operations in the past 24 hours, targeting ships in the Arabian Sea and the Red Sea.

The Yemeni Armed Forces spokesman, Brigadier General Yahya Sare’e, explained in a televised statement that the first operation targeted a ship named (Verbena) in the Arabian Sea, and it was directly hit, causing a fire on board.

He added that the second and third operations targeted the ships (Seaguardian) and (Athina) in the Red Sea, and they were also directly hit.

Sare’e confirmed that the three operations were carried out using a number of ballistic maritime missiles and drones, and they achieved their objectives successfully.

He stressed that the Yemeni Armed Forces are continuing to implement the directives of the Supreme Leader, expanding operations and developing capabilities, in support of the Palestinian people in Gaza, and in defense of the sovereignty, freedom and independence of Yemen.

Brigadier General Sare’e indicated that the support operations will not stop until the aggression is halted and the unjust siege on the Palestinian people in Gaza is lifted.