Sayyed Abdulmalik: Yemen to Inflict More Harm on ‘Israel’ as Aggression Against Gaza Continues


The leader of the revolution affirmed that the recent Israeli massacre in Al-Nuseirat camp was under direct American participation, criticizing the Arab regimes’ protection for “Israel”.

In a speech, Thursday, on the developments of the Israeli aggression on Gaza, the capturing of the American espionage network, and regional updates, the leader stated that the Zionist enemy committed more than 35 massacres this week, resulting in over 2,500 Palestinian casualties, including martyrs and wounded.
He explained that the massacre in Al-Nuseirat camp, directly involving American participation, included 250 airstrikes on approximately 90 homes. He added that the Zionist enemy conducted a ground invasion of the Al-Nuseirat camp, starting from the floating dock, highlighting that the use of the floating dock in the Zionist aggression on Al-Nuseirat reveals it to be an American base.

He clarified that amidst the Arabs and within the Islamic world’s silence, the crime of the century is happening, and the injustice of the era has persisted for 251 days.

For eight months and 36 weeks, the Israeli enemy continues its genocide against the Palestinian people in Gaza, with more than 3,340 massacres and around 147,000 casualties, including martyrs, wounded, and prisoners, most of whom are children and women.

Support of Arab Regimes and America for the Israeli Enemy

Sayyed Abdulmalik noted that decades ago, the tragedy of Muslims occurred in Bosnia and Herzegovina, where the biggest problem was the geographic distance and difficulty to send aid. However, the Palestinian people are in the midst of the Islamic world and within an Arab and Islamic environment capable of providing support, yet there is clear negligence.

He criticized that despite everything happening, some governments and Arab regimes participate in maneuvers under American supervision with the Israeli enemy.

He explained that these maneuvers, supervised by America and involving the Israeli enemy, include titles such as “Eager Lion,” “Thunderbolt,” and “African Lion.” He added, “When we look at these titles like ‘Lion,’ which lion while the Arab countries watch the Palestinian people being killed in a genocide?”

He added, “It is regrettable that some Arab regimes move to make themselves a shield to protect the Israeli enemy instead of contributing to the Palestinian cause.”

The leader called on Muslims, who sympathize with their hearts, to make practical steps even in the simple available steps.

He also urged the regimes to learn lessons from the steadfastness of the fighters in Gaza, despite the genocide, daily killings, and starvation. The fighters in Gaza, with their limited capabilities, have been resisting the Israeli enemy for eight months in a continuous battle.

He added, “Why don’t they take the lesson from the honorable stance of the support fronts, including our Yemeni people’s position, which stands at both official and popular levels. Despite the immense suffering, war, blockade, and comprehensive assault against our country, we maintain a dignified position reflecting our humanity and ethics.”

He added: “It is shameful that some people move out of humanitarian motivation in America, Europe, and Australia, yet the stance of Arab countries does not rise to the level of allowing popular movement.”

The leader pointed out that in the West, despite preventing food from reaching the pro-Gaza protesting students, they continue to be active and determined to pursue their movement driven by humanitarian motives.

He again harshly criticized the Arabs’ silence, saying that humanity has died, their conscience, faith, and Islamic feelings have perished, and their values and ethics have vanished.

Steadfastness of the Resistance in Gaza

The leader noted that the Israeli enemy has not been able to end the movement of fighters in the Gaza Strip, nor eliminate them, nor recover their captives.

“After eight months of aggression and criminality, the enemy managed to recover four captives with American participation, and recovering four captives after eight months is not a success. At this rate, the Israeli enemy would need many years to recover its captives,” he said.

Sayyed Abdulmalik explained that the steadfastness of the fighters in Gaza is a sign from God and a testament to their faith, awareness, steadfastness, and humanity.

He noted that this week in the Rafah axis, there were significant operations to inflict severe damage on the enemy, along with continued rocket fire toward the “Gaza envelope.”

The video footage shows only a small part of what is happening on the ground in terms of engagement and inflicting damage on the Zionist enemy.

The leader hailed the most important developments in the Gaza Strip which is the level of cooperation, coordination, and unity among the Palestinian factions in the sector. He added that the disparities and resignations at the highest levels in Israel show the reality and consequences of the current Israeli situation, revealing real failure and setbacks.

Front of the Resistance Axis

The leader talked about the Hezbollah front, which is advanced, active, and the most influential among the support fronts.

“It continues to escalate significantly against the enemy, using intensive rocket barrages. Among the weapons used in the bombardment is the Burkan missile, which causes substantial destruction to the Israeli enemy, inflicts severe damage, and leaves massive destruction in its bases and military barracks. Additionally, the drones launched by Hezbollah against the Israeli enemy penetrate the enemy’s protective capabilities,” he explained.

He continued that Hezbollah has succeeded in targeting the Iron Dome platforms of the Zionist enemy, directly impacting and damaging them. He explained that the Israeli enemy is perplexed by the Hezbollah front because it is active, influential, and painful.

He stressed that if the Israeli enemy gets involved in a full-scale war with Hezbollah, it understands the serious and destructive consequences that many of its leaders talk about.

Regarding the Islamic resistance in Iraq, the leader explained that it managed to carry out five operations this week against vital targets of the Zionist enemy in occupied Palestine.

Sayyed Abdulmalik said, “In the Golan, there is also the important path that is within the framework of the fourth phase of escalation, which is the joint operations between our dear brothers in the Islamic resistance in Iraq and the Yemeni army. “

Regarding Yemen’s Operations

This week, two very important operations were carried out with several cruise missiles and drones, targeting significant and impactful targets on the Zionist enemy.

Sayyed Abdulmalik affirmed that the Yemeni stance has rendered the Americans powerless, unable to protect Israeli interests and maritime movements in the Red Sea.

He stated that the Americans had promised the Zionist entity protection, including British protection and that of their allied nations. However, the Americans have completely failed in this, with the Israelis expressing bitter disappointment at America’s failure to fulfill its promise to protect their ships and those contracted with them.

The leader highlighted that two very significant operations were carried out this week using several cruise missiles and drones, targeting important and impactful objectives against the Zionist enemy.

He noted that the statistics for the support operations in the Battle of the Promised Conquest and the Sacred Jihad this week alone reached 11 operations, involving 31 ballistic and cruise missiles, drones, and a warship.

He confirmed that the number of targeted ships has now reached 145, associated with the Israeli, American, and British enemies. A ship targeted yesterday is now at risk of sinking. He explained that this escalation is part of the fourth phase, which is continuous and effective, with hopes for greater achievements.

He outlined intense activities in technical and tactical development for increased effectiveness, particularly in overcoming enemy capabilities in interception and jamming. He also emphasized the intensive efforts in informational development, which is crucial for operational success.

He pointed out that the Americans are extremely annoyed, angry, agitated, and confused. This frustration stems from the failure of all American steps to pressure the Yemeni stance, affecting their ships. He confirmed that American vessels flee in the sea until they reach the edge of the Red Sea, including the “Eisenhower,” which fled like others.

He stated that “the Americans continuously pressure Yemen’s stance both officially and publicly, and they persistently exert military pressure through airstrikes, in cooperation with the British. This week, the enemy launched 22 airstrikes on our country, targeting Al-Hudaydah, Sanaa, and Raymah Governorate.”

He added that the US-British aggression targeted the government complex in Al-Jabin District, Raymah, resulting in two martyrs and nine injuries. The enemy targeted the government building in Raymah, which is neither a missile base nor a military site, but a civilian administrative one.

Advising Saudi Regime Not to Harm Yemen

He reiterated his advice and warning to the Saudi regime about the dangers of getting involved in economically pressuring the Yemeni people.

In his speech, he stated, “I advise the Saudi regime not to involve itself against our country because we are in a war, which is nothing new to us, and suffering greatly due to the aggression for years.”

He added, “We will not accept a situation where our people are choked and starved while others aim to harm us, then they live in comfort and luxury without any harm befalling them.”

He said, “Anyone who seeks to harm our people will be harmed, and our stance is clear and just.”

He pointed out, “We have no hostile intentions towards any Arab country, but we will not accept any Arab regime causing harm to our people in service to Israel and obedience to America.”

He affirmed that any Saudi position at this time against our people is clearly in service to the Israeli enemy and supportive of it, obedient to America, and that “it is not in anyone’s interest to jeopardize themselves and expose their interests in service to Israel.”


Sana’a Archives Security Victory Against US

The leader of the revolution affirmed that America received a significant blow at the hands of the security agencies through the exposure of the espionage cell.
Sayyed Abdulmalik clarified that the espionage network which was operating in favor of America and has been dismantled is the most dangerous in Yemen’s history.

He pointed out that this espionage network operated at the request of America, gathering information across various sectors including ministries and administrative units within the state. He emphasized that America sought to implement its hostile policies and influence economic, educational, security, service, political, media, and cultural fields.

The Leader also indicated that America worked to obstruct any successful initiatives or plans in Yemen by negatively impacting the state’s plans, decisions, and orientations. He highlighted that the espionage cell had been operational for many years, achieving extremely detrimental successes that harmed the Yemeni people.

He mentioned that Americans did not respect the system in Sana’a prior to the September 21 revolution, despite their relentless efforts and every endeavor to establish a strong relationship with Americans and serve them. However, they worked to infiltrate, violate sovereignty, harm, and sabotage it.

He added that everyone should realize the truth about America’s destructive activities and how it seeks to harm people in every field.

He emphasized that America targets people’s economies, agriculture, education, health, and all areas due to its criminal and unjust aggressive tendencies. He noted that people are astonished to see America’s efforts towards destroying and harming them, sabotaging and causing them harm.

Concluding the speech the leader affirmed that as the tragedy and suffering of the Palestinian people continue, we will continue our efforts and do what we can, striving to achieve more than we currently offer.

“We will seek to strike at the Israeli enemy more and more, and this is what we hope for, strive for, and are committed to,” he added, calling on the Yemeni people to gather tomorrow in millions to protest against the Israeli genocidal war in Gaza.