Shifting Global Powers: The Decline of American Influence Amid Rise of Strategic Alliances


While America is preoccupied with its elections and the sparring of elderly candidates—indicative of its aging system and lack of vitality to produce new leadership that can rejuvenate its system and make it capable of life and leadership—it is also engaged in two crucial strategic wars that are changing the conditions of nations and peoples.

Putin, meanwhile, struck again with his usual precision and surprise, making a valuable and significant state visit to North Korea. The two presidents announced a comprehensive and strategic defense alliance, thus beginning to fulfill his promise to arm, protect, and secure anyone who fights America, its tools, and its allies.

The defense treaty between Russia and North Korea has been described as revolutionary, breaking with the past and affirming the aggressive resolve of Russia and China to eliminate American influence and bury the Anglo-Saxon world order.

From North Korea to Vietnam, the rising Asian tiger, a series of comprehensive strategic understandings and agreements were made, including military and technological cooperation, marking Russia’s firm and solid return to East Asia through the doors of the revolutionary alliances established by the Soviet Union with insurgent and resistant peoples. This visit decisively thwarted America’s plans and illusions of drawing Vietnam into its Asian alliance and employing it in the conflict with Russia and China.

From Vietnam, the announcement came of the Russian strategic fleet’s visit to Cuba, with talks of Russia reactivating its strategic bases there and strengthening its influence in the Caribbean and rising Latin America, led by the triad of Cuba, Venezuela, and Brazil.

In a related move, India announced its firm rejection of being drawn into an alliance with America against China and Russia. Its elections reshaped its policies, which had mistakenly believed that it could become a partner in the savage liberal Anglo-Saxon world.

These events and realities decisively indicate shifts in global balances and forces across the globe. They all testify to the decline and retreat of American influence and control and the accelerating rise of nations and peoples, hastening the sunset of America and its liberal Anglo-Saxon globalization.

Goodbye America. We certainly won’t miss your aggression.

Written by a Lebanese writer and political analyst, Mikhail Awad

Source: Almasirah English website