Yemeni army repels Saudi-led coalition’s attacks on western coast


Al-Thawra Net

The Yemen army on Sunday repelled an infiltration attempt of Saudi-backed mercenaries in the western coast of Hodeidah province, a military official told Saba News Agency.

Dozens of mercenaries were killed and others were injured during their failed attack on the east of Hays district, the official said.

Meanwhile, the Artillery forces shelled gatherings of the coalition’s mercenaries in Mita triangle, causing direct casualties, the official said.

The army forces managed to destroy three military vehicles belonging to the mercenaries in the western coast fronts.

One of the military mechanisms was destroyed in the east of Tuhaita district with an explosive device, killing and injuring all its crew members.

Furthermore, the army forces damaged an armored vehicle and another military vehicle carrying mercenaries, in Jah area, killing and injuring all those on board, the official added.