Leader of the Revolution speaks on resistance, diplomacy and future of Yemen


Al- Thawra Net

Leader of the Yemeni Revolution, Sayyid Abdul-Malik Badreddin al-Houthi, has said that the recent drone attack on the Shaybah petroleum refinery, the biggest oil refining installation in Saudi Arabia, is the largest operation targeting the Saudi-led aggression coalition since the beginning of the aggression against Yemen in March 26, 2015.

In a televised speech he delivered on Saturday afternoon, Sayyid al-Houthi confirmed that the Yemeni army’s operations would focus on “the udder” that the Americans rely on, referring to the Saudi oil facilities.

Sayyid al-Houthi explained that the targeting of the Shaybah refinery, which is located in an oil field near the Kingdom’s border with the UAE at a distance of no less than 1,100 km from the nearest border point with Yemen, is one of the largest Saudi oil refineries with a huge oil reserve.

“In the fifth year [of the war], the aggression coalition have received the biggest blows, strong slaps and fatal punches as a result of its continual brutal aggression,” Sayyid al-Houthi added.

He pointed out that the operation, launched earlier in the day by 10 drones, and is called the “Deterrence Balancing Operation”, carried a huge message to the aggression forces.

“It is considered a common lesson for both Saudi Arabia and the UAE, which have led the aggression on Yemen for over four years.

“Relationship with Iran”

Sayyid Abdul-Malik Badreddin al-Houthi also revealed the objectives of Yemen’s negotiating delegation’s visit to the Islamic Republic of Iran.

The Leader of the Revolution said that the aim of the visit is to establish official relations between Yemen and Iran, in which diplomatic missions will be exchanged between the two countries, based on mutual respect.

In response to the skeptics’ rumor, Sayyid al-Houthi affirmed that the relationship between Yemen and Iran is based on mutual respect, without any dependency from one party to another in this relationship.

“The establishment of a political relationship between Yemen and Iran represents an important step in breaking the isolation imposed by the aggression coalition on Yemen,”

Sayyid al-Houthi hailed Iran’s honorable position in morally and vocally standing by Yemen against the coalition countries, indicating that relations between Yemen and Iran are good. This is evidenced by the existence of 70 cooperation agreements between the two countries that already existed before Ansarullah and its allies came to power in 2014.

During his speech, Sayyid Abdul-Malik al-Houthi expressed Yemen’s readiness to establish relations at the highest level with all Islamic countries.

“No submission to foreign powers”

Sayyid al-Houthi condemned any efforts to make Yemen dependent on foreign powers, stating that: “Any effort associated with the subordination to foreigners is a false title of freedom. The UAE-backed Southern Transitional Council in Aden has neither freedom nor decision POWER nor independence.”

SayyId al-Houthi called on the occupation agents in the occupied Aden province to review their accounts, and advised the Southern Transitional Council not to rejoice about its illusionary achievements now that they have captured Aden on behalf of the UAE.

“Who moves by depending totally on the foreigner should not boast and tell people that he has achieved an accomplishment and independence for himself,” Sayyid al-Houthi said. “The Transitional Council’s receiving of orders from abroad is not independence; it just makes itself into a tool for foreigners.”

Sayyid al-Houthi added that the recent developments in Aden were one of many occasions clearly linked to the Saudi-led aggression coalition’s conspiracies against Yemen.

“The mock presence of what they call the “legitimate government” [the Saudi-backed Hadi administration] in Aden was overthrown today, although ever since its inception it has never existed as an actual decision-making power,” the Leader of the Revolution said.

Sayyid al-Houthi confirmed that Abdrabbuh Hadi has no decision power or free will, and is completely subjected to the directives of the Saudis, who in turn are subjects to the Americans. Hadi even needs to ask permission from the Emiratis in order to enter Aden.

“The aggression states realise that the situation is worrying in Aden, and that Aden’s environment is full of regional conflicts, disparities and differences,” he added. The Leader also pointed out that the aggression forces are occupying Socotra island militarily, while it is officially under control of Abdrabbuh Hadi.

Concluding his speech, Sayyid Abdul-Malik al-Houthi reiterated that the Yemeni people’s interest are in achieving full independence, fraternity and cooperation, and in staying away from grudges.