National Organization for Defense of Telecommunications Condemns Saudi’s detention of oil derivatives


Al-Thawra Net

The National Organization for the Defense of Telecommunications and Post Services condemned the aggression coalition countries’ denial of entry to any oil shipment to the port of Hodeidah.

The organization confirmed in a statement that the detention of 15 ships loaded with oil derivatives and preventing them from reaching Yemen despite obtaining statements from the United Nations, represents a collective punishment for the Yemeni people for the consequent disruption of most basic services, including communications, the Internet and the postal network in all provinces.

The organization considered that the arbitrary measures taken by the countries of the aggression coalition are a flagrant violation of international laws and covenants related to human rights.

The organization pointed out that the absence of oil derivatives in light of the spread of the Corona epidemic exacerbates the danger to civilians and reduces the capabilities and means to confront it.

The organization renewed its call to the international community represented by the United Nations to quickly intervene to lift the embargo on oil derivatives, holding the aggression alliance states and their mercenaries legal responsibility towards that.