Saudi-led aggression launches 20 raids on four provinces


The US-Saudi aggression coalition fighter jets have launched 20 airstrikes Targeting several areas in four provinces, a military official said.

The official explained the aggression’s warplanes waged a raid on al-Salif district in Hodeidah province in repeated violation of the UN-brokered ceasefire in the province.

He pointed out the aggression’s warplanes hit al-Malahit Souk al-Dhaher district in Saada province and launched a raid on al-Boq’ off Najran region.

The aggression’s warplanes launched 3 raids on al-Maraziq area in Khab Washa’af district and 2 raids on Bart al-Anan district in Jawf province, he said.

The official added the aggression’s warplanes waged 12 raids on the districts of Madghal and Sirwah in Marib province.

The aggression’s airstrikes caused heavy damage to civilians’ properties.