PM: September 21 Revolution, Solidarity with Palestine Disturbed Israeli Enemy


The Prime Minister of the National Salvation Government, Dr. Abdul Aziz bin Habtoor, affirmed that the September 21st revolution, with its solidarity with Palestine, disturbed the Israeli enemy, pointing out that it was a revolution that did not antagonize anyone and did not take revenge of any old conflicts, and the Yemeni people made it clear that they cannot accept the US oppressive agenda.

In a speech during the march in Sana’a, on Tuesday, Dr. Bin Habtoor made it clear that the great Yemeni people stood with Sayyed Abdulmalik because he expressed the interests of the people. He addressed that those who say that the September revolution was a coup by saying: “If it had not been a revolution, there would be no aggression from 17 countries against Yemen.” He added: “If what happened on September 21 was not a revolution, the airport and port of Hodeidah would not have been closed and the the Central Bank were have not been transferred to Aden, and the whole people would not be besieged.”

Bin Habtoor said that we announce to the world that the people who have faced you for seven years can withstand another seven years.

He addedt that we in the Salvation Government salute the Supreme Political Council and salute President Mahdi al-Mashat, who led this country during this difficult stage.

 Habtoor addressed the mercenaries, saying, “Hasn’t 7 years of beggary enough for you in Riyadh, Abu Dhabi and Istanbul?”