Yemeni Foreign Minister meets with World Food Program representative


Yemeni Minister of Foreign Affairs, Hisham Sharaf, met on Sunday with the Resident Representative of the World Food Program in Yemen, Richard Reagan.

During the meeting, they discussed the activities of the programs during the last period and the results of the visit of the Deputy Executive Director of the Program for Corporate Affairs and Advocacy to Sana’a.

The Foreign Minister stressed that one of the most important means of addressing the humanitarian catastrophe created by US-Saudi aggression is to ensure that ships of oil, domestic gas and various types of goods are not obstructed from entering the port of Hodeidah.

He pointed out the importance of economic support to Yemen for the return of the movement of economy, trade and business, which would create auxiliary jobs that would contribute to reducing the very high level of unemployment in Yemen.

For his part, the Resident Representative of the World Food Program in Yemen explained that the program attaches the utmost importance to the humanitarian situation in Yemen and demands easy access to food and humanitarian supplies without delay or obstruction.

Reagan pointed out that the program is making great efforts with donor agencies and countries to fulfill their financial pledges so that the World Food Program does not have to reduce and stop its humanitarian operations in Yemen.