Abduslam: Talking About Agreement Means Government and Presidency


Al-Thwara Net

May 13th , the head of the national delegation of Ansarallah, Mohammed Abduslam  confirmed that there must be a consensus government, “Hadi and its allies consider themselves a legitimacy, but actually they are part of the conflict”.

In a joint negotiation session with Riyadh’s Delegation and with the presence of UN envoy to Yemen Ismail Ould Cheikh Ahmad , Abduslam said  “when we talk about a consensus authority, we are talking about Presidency and government from all parts.”

Abdusalm confirmed that the Supreme of the Revolutionary Committee ( SRC) is  non-negotiable, and what have been agreed upon in the political committee will be reflected in the military and security committee .

Regarding to the prisoners file,  Abdusalm said that Riyadh’s Delegation does not have any information about prisoners, so the national delegation demanded Riyadh’s Delegation to provide a list of prisoners names, as well as, the national delegation will tell about the  prisoners they have .

In his part , Aref Alzoka, the head of GPC, accused Riyadh’s Delegation with ignoring the constitution reference, confirming that any agreement in any committee will be part of a comprehensive agreement.

” Forming new government has been discussed and done ” UN envoy said , pointing out that the disagreements are on the time and the frameworks procedures ” before weapons handing or after.”