After Destroying Yemen, Al-Jubeir Said “Houthis Are Our Neighbors”


Al-Thawra Net

The change in the Saudi position and their Diplomacy Prime Minister Adel al-Jubeir, withdrew to an explanatory and a justificatory attitude toward  their war in Yemen.

Le Figaro, France newspaper reported on Wednesday that Saudi position of Houthis have changed. The report contained al-Jubeir statements about his Tweeter Arabic hashtag “ Houthis are our Yemeni neighbors that we negotiate with them”.

Abdel Bari Atwan, an Arab writer and journalist, was wondering “Why Houthis aren’t any more rejecting Mgosa and clients to Persian enemy in the eyes of Mr. Adel Al-Jubeir?” In reference to the justificatory submissions that was promoted and accompanied the air forces campaign and military intervention led by Saudi Arabia in Yemen since March / 2015.

Atwan displayed an analytical vision in his article in “ Rai Alyoum” website on Thursday under the title of “  Coup in Saudi priorities in Yemen.”

Al-Jubeir also added under his Arabic hashtag #al-Jubeir_Houthis_our_neighbors “Whether we agreed or not with the Houthis, they still part of Yemen social fabric.” He added in another tweet that “Daash, Qaeda and terrorist organizations must leave Yemen and prevent them from anywhere else in the world.”

Haider Lawati, Professor, Ex Dean at Sultan Qaboos university Oman, tweeted “ So, under what guilt did Saudi destroy the country of civilization, displace its citizens, murder its men, women and children, and enable  terrorism inside it?”

The Yemeni journalists and activist, Hamdan al-Alay, also tweeted “ according to al- Jubeir statement, the coalition and all whom we support Hadi legitimacy should apologized to Houthis and Saleh.”