Saudi Aggression Continue to bomb Yemeni provinces and breach the cease-fire agreement


Saudi aggression and its mercenaries  continued to bomb a number of provinces injuring civilians. The raids caused damage to public and private property.

The mercenaries with Saudi forces in the west coast violated the Stockholm Agreement in Hodeidah with a number of attacks.

In Hodeidah, the Liaison and Coordination Officers’ Operations Room, which monitors violations of the Stockholm Agreement and Ceasefire in Hodeidah, reported 138 violations staged by US-Saudi forces and mercenaries, including the developing of combat fortifications in Al-Jabaliya and the throwing of five missiles from a drone in Al-Faza, Al-Jabaliya and Ad-Durayhimi.

In Marib, the Saudi aggression launched  14 raids on Sirwah and a raid on Medghal districts.

In Al-Jawf, the US-Saudi aggression launched two raids on Khob Wa Asha’af district.

In Sa’ada, four citizens were injured in by US-Saudi aggression  in the border district of Al-Sheik and one citizen injured of Munabbih district.