Yemeni ambassador offers condolences to Palestine and Syria for the death of PFLP-GC leader Ahmad Jibril


Yemen’s Ambassador to Syria, Abdullah Ali Sabri on Friday offered his condolences over the death of Ahmad Jibril, founder of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine-General Command (PFLP-GC).

Ambassador Sabri conveyed the condolences of the Yemeni revolutionary and political leadership to the Palestinian people in this great loss, considering the death of Jibril “a loss to the nation, to Palestine and to the Axis of Resistance.”

He praised the struggle of Ahmed Jibril and his long history of working in the struggle against the Zionist occupation and the defence of the Palestinian cause.

“He took the line of armed struggle and chose the approach of resistance, and did not compromise, threaten or retreat despite all the volatility and conspiracies that have been unleashed at the Palestinian issue, such as the infamous Trump deal that was buried after the Battle of Sword of al-Quds,” Ambassador Sabri said.

Sabari was accompanied by Minister-Delegate Radwan al-Haymi and Commercial Attaché Mohammed Omar during the condolence ceremony at the Akram Mosque in Damascus.

Ahmad Jibril founded the PFLP-GC in 1968, and led the organisation for decades in its fight against Zionist occupation and for the liberation of Palestine. Under his command, the PFLP-GC carried out many successful operations against the Zionist entity, as well as against the US-backed terrorist organisations that have been attacking Syria since 2012. He passed away in Damascus at the age of 83.