Yemeni forces liberate Al-Zahir from takfiri terrorist control


The military media of the Yemeni army has on Friday has released a new video footage showing the army and Popular Committees launching a military operation, during which they managed to restore the center of Al-Zahir district in Bayda province, in central Yemen.

The scenes showed the army forces and Popular Committees launching a counter-offensive operation, in cooperation with local tribes, after confronting large-scale attacks by takfiri elements that were being backed by the US-Saudi aggression forces.

The military operation was launched from four tracks, and enabled the army forces to liberate and secure dozens of sites and dens that takfiri organisations had been occupying for years,

These sites, camps and factories had been used for making bombs and explosive devices under the auspices the coalition of aggression, led by the United States of America.

The military media scenes showed some of the battles fought by the army and the Popular Committees, in which they were able to inflict heavy losses on the takfiris.