Art exhibition of Syrian, Palestinian and Yemeni artists held in Damascus


The Ambassador of the Republic of Yemen to Syria, Abdullah Ali Sabri, opened on Monday the exhibition “Unity of Squares,” which is organized by the General Union of Palestinian Plastic Artists in cooperation with the Syrian Artists Union.

The exhibition, in which Yemeni cartoonist Kamal Sharaf took part, had forty emotive paintings by Yemeni, Syrian, and Palestinian artists, which were dispersed in Damascus’ People’s Gallery of Fine Arts.

During the opening ceremony, the ambassador Sabri praised the organization of the exhibition and its message, which reflects the cohesion of the axis of resistance in the face of the American-Zionist project and its plans.
He pointed out that the exhibition expresses the unity and cohesion of the Arab peoples in Yemen, Syria, and Palestine through the brush and colors of resistance art and the various drawings that express, in part, the grievances of the Yemeni people.

In turn, the Secretary of the Syrian Plastic Artists Union, Ghassan Ghanem, underlined the significance of the exhibition that brings together the Yemeni, Syrian, and Palestinian feathers on the basis of steadfastness, hope, and the defense of every inch of the Arab lands usurped by the Zionist enemy.

For his part, the Palestinian artist Moataz Al-Omari pointed to the ability of resistance art to deliver a sincere message that expresses the nation’s wounds and common concerns.