Aviation Authority reveals Yemeni Air ways obstruction of flights to India and Egypt


An official document revealed, on Thursday, that the opening of more flights between Sana’a and other countries has stalled.

The document was issued by the General Authority of Civil Aviation in Sana’a, in which it addresses Yemeni Airlines in Aden with the need to start launching new flights between Sana’a Airport and the Indian airports of Cairo and Mumbai.

The document confirms the coalition’s approval to operate these flights.

The document included  what was previously announced by the Minister of Transport in the Salvation Government a while ago and caused a crisis with the official carrier, which is accused of deliberately obstructing flights to new destinations.

The Egyptian Cairo and Indian Bombay airports are among the most prominent destinations for Yemeni travelers, especially patients who go to seek treatment in those countries in light of the 8-year siege.