Zionist enemy admits that 9 officers and soldiers were killed in Gaza within 24 hours


Zionist enemy army spokesman announced that a major and a lieutenant colonel were killed at dawn on Wednesday, one of them during battles in Gaza, and the other when a military vehicle overturned inside the occupied territories.

The enemy media admitted the killing of nine officers and soldiers during the ground battles taking place in northern and southern Gaza during the past 24 hours.

The enemy army spokesman said that Major (reserve) Yehonatan Malka (23 years old), from Beersheba, was killed in a battle in the Gaza Strip, noting that he was “an armored fighter in the 82nd Battalion.”

The Zionist army also announced that the commander of the missing persons search unit in the Fire Brigade (98th Division), retired Lieutenant Colonel Yochai Gur Hirschberg (52 years old), was killed in a military vehicle overturning accident.

According to data and statistics revealed by the enemy army, the number of army deaths since October 7, 2023 has risen to more than 412 soldiers, officers, and 59 policemen, in addition to 10 from the Shin Bet.