64 million dollars were looted from Mukalla


The authority of Governor Mabkhout Bmadi leaked more documents revealing the extent of Saudi plundering of all the governorate’s revenues.

The most recent document included the transfer of about $64 million within days from the banks of Mukalla to Riyadh via a private Saudi plane.

Emirati-funded media outlets and activists loyal to them, led by transitional leaders, have devoted a wide space to commenting on it and presenting it as further evidence of the extent of Saudi plunder of the capabilities of the oil provinces in Hadramaut.

The leaking of the documents was part of an Emirati plan to blackmail Saudi Arabia, accompanied by movements on the ground to impose a new reality, represented by stopping the supply of revenues to government accounts supervised by the Saudi ambassador.

The timing of the leak of these documents indicates that it is part of a bone-breaking battle between the two allies to control the governorate’s oil revenues.