Sayyid Abdul-Malik: Quranic project was a realistic necessity to confront US-Israeli aggression


The Leader of the Revolution Sayyid Abdul-Malik al-Houthi emphasized the manifold advantages and positive implications of “Sarkha.” Primarily, it shattered the state of fear, offering an accessible and facilitative stance, unlike more intricate positions that pose challenges for people.

In a Saturday speech commemorating the anniversary of Sarkha, Sayyid Abdul-Malik elucidated that Sarkha is not a convoluted matter; rather, it exposes the true nature of enemies.

“It unveiled the hypocrisy of the Americans concerning human rights, freedom, and other oft-repeated slogans. Moreover, it bolstered morale and fortified the domestic arena, transforming it into an environment against the enemy rather than a subservient one,” he added.

He recalled the challenges faced during the perilous phase when martyr leader Sayyed Hussein Al-Houthi took action.

“Intimidation campaigns were rampant from the United States and its allies,” he added, noting that fear of America has become pervasive among most rulers, governments, and elites, extending even to the populace.

This fear, he lamented, leads rulers and governments to prioritize their interests above those of the nation.

Illustrating the extent of fear of America, he referenced current events stemming from Zionist aggression against the Gaza Strip.

He lamented the suppression of anti-Zionist protests by governments, not only through arrests but also through killings, highlighting the deep-seated connection between these regimes and the United States and their disregard for the nation’s issues.

Sayyid Abdul-Malik affirmed that the enemies persist in their conspiracies and targeting of the Islamic nation, with each phase introducing new challenges.

“The enemies are keen to subdue the nation, a strategy that renders it stagnant and vulnerable to further exploitation,” the Leader added.

He stressed that the enemies’ strategy aims to prevent the nation from mobilizing against them, regardless of the circumstances.

The Leader affirmed that the movement led by martyr leader Sayyed Hussein al-Houthi, with the Quranic project and the declaration of Sarkha against contemporary tyrants America and Israel, occurred amidst highly sensitive and perilous circumstances.

“The Quranic project, initiated by martyr leader Hussein al-Houthi, stemmed from a Quranic vision and a realistic necessity to counter American and Israeli aggression against Muslims.”

He emphasized that the martyr leader did not initiate his Quranic project based on military capabilities and protection but started from scratch in challenging tyranny and arrogance, which posed a grave danger to humanity, especially Muslims.

Sayyid Abdul-Malik regarded the American aggression post-September 11, 2001, as the most perilous aggression against Muslims, constituting an extension of previous conspiracies.

“The enemies operate according to a comprehensive and longstanding program aimed at targeting the Islamic nation in stages, inheriting this aggressive role,” he added.

Al-Sarkhah Slogan is an expression adopted by Sayyid Hussein Badr Al-Din Al-Houthi to show loyalty to God and condemnation of His enemies, in the face of arrogance.

Source: Al-Masirah Net