Hamas calls on international community to stop humanitarian catastrophe in Rafah


The Islamic Resistance Movement (Hamas), called on the international community, the UN and its institutions to take urgent action to stop the humanitarian catastrophe that resulted from the escalation of the criminal Israeli attack on Rafah.

Hamas said in a statement on Saturday, “The Israeli army’s occupation of Rafah crossing and closing it for the sixth day in a row has disrupted the delivery of humanitarian and medical aid to our Palestinian people who are left alone in the face of the ongoing aggression,” adding that it has deprived the wounded of their right to travel to receive treatment abroad.”

“This portends a humanitarian catastrophe and a worsening famine throughout the besieged Strip,” Hamas warned.

The Islamic Resistance Movement held Israel, which has been pursuing a policy of starvation and ethnic cleansing against civilians in the Strip, responsible for the humanitarian catastrophe in Rafah.

Hamas said necessary measures must be taken to force Israel to halt its aggression, withdraw from and reopen the crossing, and to facilitate the delivery of emergency relief and medical supplies into the Strip.