12-member gang faces death sentences, imprisonment


The Specialized Criminal Division of the Sana’a Capital Secretariat held on Sunday its first session on the case of an armed gang consisting of 12 individuals who carried out robberies, looting, and attacking people in Taiz province.

According to the state-run “Saba News Agency” in Sanaa, during the session headed by the president of the division, Judge Abdullah Ali Al-Najjar, the preliminary ruling was read out against the defendants, convicting them of the charges attributed to them in the indictment.

The Division sentenced six of them to death and the six others to imprisonment for a period of seven to three years, in addition to confiscation of seized items and financial fines.

The Specialized Criminal Division also held a session regarding the case of the “Saada cell,” which consists of 22 defendants, in the crimes of espionage and aiding the aggression coalition, in which it reopened the case to complete the responses and comments of the defendants at the request of some of them.