Defense Minister: We will not allow anyone to prejudice Yemeni sovereignty


The Minister of Defence in the Sana’a government, Major General Muhammad Nasser al-Atifi, said “We will not allow anyone to prejudice Yemeni sovereignty or even discuss it remotely.”

During the ceremony organized by the Ministry of Defence and General Staff to commemorate the anniversary of the Prophet’s birthday, Major General Al-Atifi stressed that the lands, waters, seas and wealth of the Republic of Yemen are the basis of Yemeni sovereignty, and the armed forces are committed to protecting them.

“We will not abandon sovereignty as long as our arteries continue to flow with blood and our hearts pulse with loyalty and belonging to Yemen,” he said.

He pointed out that Yemen is at a historical turning point in which the Yemeni armed forces would spare no effort in possessing the capabilities, capabilities, resources and methods to keep pace with the confrontation and struggle against the Zionist project in the region.

The Minister of Defence urged the armed forces to exercise more vigilance, effort, training and rehabilitation, and always be ready to defend the homeland.