Egyptian Concern Of The Saudi Support To Terrorist Groups In Yemen

Khalid Rashid Saif, a leader in the Southern Herak was assassinated by al-Qaeda gunmen in al-Mansoura neighborhood in Aden south of Yemen. Al-Qaeda gunmen shot Saif to death today.
A day before, gunmen on a motorcycle shot dead the head of security in Yemen’s port city of Aden. Col. Abdelhakim al-Sanidi was killed الأحد while driving on a busy street in al-Mansoura neighborhood.
Egyptian political and media expressed their concern about the Saudi-led coalition support to the terrorist groups and enable them to control the vital areas in Yemen.
Maher Farghali, Egyptian writer, said that Saudi Arabia has helped Daash and al-Qaeda are to control Aden and Yemeni areas, ” al-Qaida begins to raise their flags in the city of Aden”.
For their part, military experts warned that the coast of Yemen is turning to a starting point for terrorist groups toward the Egyptian coast of the Red Sea.