UN Envoy: No specific agenda for Kuwait talks


Al-Thawra Net

April 26th, Ismail Ould Cheick Ahmad ,UN envoy to Yemen , confirmed that solving the Yemeni crisis will be by Yemenis and they are the ones who will decide the solution on the negotiation table.

Ahmed added that there is no specific negotiation agendas for Yemen peace talks in Kuwait .

During a press conference, Un envoy said ” I believe that the solution will be Yemeni, yet, there is no negotiation agendas and the only solution will be on negotiation table .we do not expect that the parties of conflict will sign an agreement peace in one or two days but we have to be patient.”

UN envoy called the Yemenis to use peace language and the wisdom that they always have.

”If we reachpeace agreement  in short time ,it will be a temporary agreement ,so  parties of conflict should take their full time to achieve final and full comprehensive agreement ,” UN envoy said .

Ahmed said that the ceasefire required good will of all parties of conflict, “UN reports showed an improvement achieved in the last days by the efforts of the truce committees to stop the military attack.”

He indicated  that in the past few days there had been intensive negotiations with all parties of conflict and all parties committed to the ceasefire  and continue searching for a political solution.