Amer: What Is Happening In Al-Wadeea’a Port Is A Great Tragedy


Al-Thawra Net

September 5th , the undersecretary of the Ministry of Awqaf, Abdullah Nasser Amer, confirmed that what is happening in al-Wadeea’a port is a great tragedy .

In a press conference, Amer said that Yemeni pilgrims are at risk, ” pilgrims are suffering risks and extortion and Saudi mercenaries are selling visas to the pilgrims and leaving them out without shelter .

Amer added that Al-Awqaf ministry had agreed with Saudi Side to group pilgrims through , al-Wadeea,a  , Allb , al-Tewal  ports , Sana’a international, Aden and Seiyun Airports but the Saudi Side refused to implement the agreement.

“The port which is controlled by Saudi Mercenaries has grouped 4,600 of pilgrims and there are still thousands of pilgrims are are suffering to death in the port” he added

Abdullah Nasser Amer stressed that Saudi aggression worked to hinder the pilgrimage season for Yemenis as it did in the past season