HRW: Saudi Arabia is Violating International Law

epa05165094 Yemeni pupils hold pictures of alleged air strike victims during a rally against the Saudi-led military operations in the war-torn country, at a school in Sana'a, Yemen, 16 February 2016. A UN mediation to find a solution to the ten-month conflict in Yemen has not been successful and the peace talks are on hold since December 2015. The Saudi-led coalition continues to step up air strikes on Houthi-held positions in Yemen, in support of Yemen's internationally recognized government. EPA/YAHYA ARHAB


Saudi Arabia is violating international humanitarian laws in Yemen, New York-based humanitarian organization Human Rights Watch has denounced.

”Mohammad bin Salman’s well-funded image as a reformist falls flat in the face of Yemen’s humanitarian catastrophe and scores of activists and political dissidents languishing in Saudi prisons on spurious charges”, said Sarah Leah Whitson, Middle East director at Human Rights Watch.

”Baby steps on women’s rights reforms don’t paper over Saudi Arabia’s systemic abuses’’, she added.

According to the report presented by HRW, the Saudi-led Arab coalition allegedly carried out 87 illegal attacks, killing 1,000 civilians. Al Jazeera reported that the coalition has rejected the war crime allegations.