The Information Minister: Military Solutions Will Not End War In Yemen


Al-Thawra Net

In his first dialogue with the media, Abdulsalam Jaber, newly information minister in the National Salvation government, said the next phase requires the intensification of efforts and opening of new media channels to show crimes committed by the Saudi-led coalition aggression indiscriminate bombing of civilians.

In a telephone interview with Sputnik on Tuesday, Jaber pointed out that “there is a worldwide disinformation to obliterate the parameters of crimes committed by the aggression Alliance every hour, stressing the appreciation of Yemenis and their respect for the role played by the Russian media, and that the Yemenis looking for a major role for Moscow in Yemen.”

Regarding the scenarios of resolving the Yemeni crisis in 2018, Jaber assured that a military solution in Yemen is impossible. And there is no alternative to just political solutions that are far from greed and hegemony, so that things settle down and Yemen begins a new stage in which to regain its Regional and International role.

“Today, Sana’a “is living a new stage after than 1000 days of steadfastness under the fire of bombing, killing and destruction of Saudi-led aggression , and  it will not compromise on its freedom and independence,” Jaber added.