Millions In Yemen Commemorate Holy Prophet’s Birthday


Al- Thawra Net

Millions of Yemenis on Saturday have gathered to the 70th Square in the Capital Sana’a to celebrate and commemorate the anniversary of the birthday of the Islam Prophet Mohammed (Peace be Upon Him).

The participants in the mass rally carried banners and leaflets, which express their immortalized love and respect for the Holy Prophet Mohammed (PBUH).

They confirmed their adherence to the prophet’s approach, teachings and fragrant biography.

The mass rally has witnessed a remarkable public and official attendance as the crowds began to flock to the arena since the early hours of the morning from various directorates of Sana’a, Amana and the provinces nearby.

The participants stressed that the celebration of this occasion considered as a station from which Muslims are inspired by the lessons and the biography of the Great Prophet Mohammed (PBUH).

They further Stressed that the celebration of the Prophet’s birthday aimed to bring the nation back to the values of the message and to the prophet’s approach, and to hi courage, wisdom and grace.

The participants sent messages to the Saudi-led aggression forces and arrogance that the Messenger of Allah is in the hearts of Yemenis in words and deeds.

A strong message was sent to the enemies stated that Yemen remains the strongest, dearest and capable of confronting aggression by all available and possible means.

They chanted “Labbayk Labbayk, oh Mohammed”, which express their longing to see the greatest man who ever has been born on the earth.

The leader of the Revolution, Sayyid Abdul Malik Badr al-Din al- Houthi hailed the huge crowds of people and congratulated them on the anniversary of Birthday of ” the messenger of the Humanity, Mohammed ” Peace Be Upon Him.

The Prophet’s birthday anniversary is a station to promote and consolidate Islamic principles, Sayyid Abdul Malik Badr al-Din al- Houthi said during his speech in the rally.

” Our people hold on to their brothers with their nation, a principled position of faith that cannot be abandoned and bartered in the auction of political bargaining,” he added

He confirmed that ” Whoever seeks war and siege to control us and subjugate us, he seeks the impossible, and at the end he will be the loser.”

” We extend a hand of brotherhood and peace to all nations, and whoever holds a hostile position against us bear the responsibility for their wrong choice and unjust decision, Sayyid said.

He added ” continued aggression means that we continue to develop our military capabilities and strike the harshest blows, and this is a legitimate right”.

Sayyied called on the Saudi regime to stop the aggression and lift the blockade, otherwise the risks of continuing the aggression and the consequences for them are great.

The leader of the revolution sent a strong message to the Israeli enemy if he was involved in any folly against the Yemeni people.

“Our people will not hesitate to declare jihad against the Israeli enemy and to strike the sensitive targets in the enemy entity if the enemy engages in any folly against our people,” said Abdul Malik al-Houthi.

“We affirm that we hold a hostile position against Israel as a usurper is a principled, morally humane and religious commitment.

He confirmed that Yemeni people will not change its position towards all issues, especially Palestinian cause.

Sayyid Sayyid Abdul Malik al- Houthi called on Islamic nation and Yemeni people to adhere to Islam and Quran culture.

The leader of the revolution further called on young people to beware of cultural misinformation and moral corruption.

He concluded that Yemeni people will not retreat from their liberation march until achieving complete independence.