Aden’s Airport Continues to receive Saudi and UAE Flights Despite Covid-19 pandemic


Aden International Airport on Wednesday received two flights, one carrying military personnel from Saudi Arabia, in a clear Saudi breach of measures to curb the corona epidemic in the country.

Local sources indicated that one of the planes was civilian and belonged to the World Health Organization, while the other carried soldiers and military equipment belonging to Riyadh.

None of the travellers of the two flights  has undergone the necessary preventive measures for potential covid-19 patients.

Military flights from Saudi Arabia brought the global pandemic to Yemen, which has been free for three consecutive months.

Former Hadi’s minister of transport Saleh al-Jabwani blamed Riyadh and Abu Dhabi, as well as the government of Maeen Abdulmalik, for the spread of the virus in Yemeni territory because they continue to bring in people infected with the virus from  areas in Saudi Arabia and the UAE.