Ministry of defense unveils three new types of ballistic missiles and seven drone aircraft


Yemen’s Ministry of Defense has unveiled a number of new ballistic and winged missiles, aircraft drones, as well as the latest versions of several new types of weaponry.

The move came during the inauguration of the “Martyr Commander Exhibition,” which coincides with the anniversary of the martyrdom of Sayyid Hussein Badreddin al-Houthi, founder of Ansarullah.

The ministry unveiled three new types of ballistic missiles, the Saeir, the Qasim-2 and the Quds-2 winged missile.

Moreover, seven new aircraft drones were displayed, named Weid, Samad-4, Shihab, Kkadif, Merssad, Rajoom and Naba’a.

The Ministry also showcased several new types of naval mines, used to target warships of the aggression coalition.

The new weapon types were all developed and produced domestically, and are the result of years of dedication in establishing a national Yemeni defence industry.