Abdulsalam: US-Saudi Aggression Obstructs Truce Implementation


The head of National Delegation, Mohammad Abdulsalam, affirmed that the terms of the truce are clear and unambiguous, stressing that it is assumed that it is humane to deal with it without any politicization.

In a tweet, Abdulsalam said, Tuesday, that “the terms of the truce are clear and unambiguous, stipulating the cessation of military operations, the opening of the port of Hodeidah to a certain number of ships, and the opening of Sana’a Airport for two flights per week and to two destinations, Jordan and Egypt.”

The head of the National Delegation considered that whoever creates any other conditions is the one who obstructs the implementation of the truce, stressing that “it is assumed to be humane to deal with, without any politicization.”

It should be noted that the declared humanitarian and military truce, two-thirds of its two-month period has expired, in light of the continued closure of Sana’a International Airport, and obstruction of flights to it.